Westlaw Research

Use Westlaw for quick, easy access to West's vast collection of statutes, case law materials, public records, and other legal resources, as well as current news articles and business information.

Click Westlaw Research in the Product Listing box or click the Westlaw button to access Westlaw.

A new browser window opens if you access Westlaw using the Westlaw Research link or the Westlaw button. If you have already signed on to Westlaw Litigator, you are sent to Westlaw and the default Westlaw tab is displayed.

When you access Westlaw from an active Westlaw Litigator session, the Westlaw session is a second active session. In this session, your billing preferences will be honored.  For example, if your Westlaw billing preference is hourly and you access Westlaw from Westlaw Litigator, the Westlaw session is billed as hourly.

If you click the Westlaw Research link or the Westlaw button, but do not have an active Westlaw Litigator session, a new browser window opens and the Westlaw sign on screen is displayed. Your Westlaw billing preferences are used for this Westlaw session.

If you have an active Westlaw session initiated from an active Westlaw Litigator session and click the Sign Off button in the Westlaw session, a sign off screen and Westlaw billing summary is displayed in the Westlaw browser. The Westlaw Litigator session remains active and you must sign off Westlaw Litigator separately to end the Westlaw Litigator session. Since there are two separate sessions, (a Westlaw Litigator session and a Westlaw session), you must sign off each session separately in order to end the sessions.

If you have an active Westlaw Litigator session and an active Westlaw session that were opened from Westlaw Litigator, any links from Westlaw Litigator to Westlaw will target the same active Westlaw session.  

If you initiate a Westlaw session independent of any activity in Westlaw Litigator, and then access Westlaw Litigator and link to Westlaw, a new browser window opens and a new Westlaw session is initiated.

Note: You may get a message explaining that your Westlaw password is already in use.  

If you can open Westlaw from Westlaw Litigator, even when an independent Westlaw session is active, any Westlaw documents or research opened from Westlaw Litigator will be part of the Westlaw session that was opened from Westlaw Litigator.