Finding a Document

You can retrieve a document if you know its citation, title, or docket number or if the document is referenced in a retrieved document or KeyCite result. To retrieve a document, do one of the following:

If you are not already registered or signed on, you will be prompted to do so. Either your document or a list of documents matching your request is then displayed. If a list is displayed, you are not charged until you click a link to display a document.

You can retrieve the following types of documents in this service by entering a citation:

Document Type Citation Example
Case law (federal and state) 238 f3d 1090
State statutes mn st s 256.017
examples for all states
State regulations mn adc
United States Code Annotated 42 usca 303
U.S. public laws us pl 107-110
Code of Federal Regulations 24 cfr s 100.204
Federal Register 67 fr 36905
Pending bills 2001 cong us sres 264
Slip opinions and unreported decisions 1997 wl 702538
Administrative decisions oswer 9835.17
Legal practice materials amjur pp titles
Law reviews and bar journals 8 envtlaw 389
Treatises 1 fpp s 1
International materials 1992 hklrd 12
examples for international materials
Appellate briefs 2004 WL 865268

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