Finding a Brief by Title (Party Names)

You can retrieve a brief when you know the name of one or more parties in the case for which the brief was written:

  1. At the Home page, click Find a Brief by Title.

  2. Type the name of at least one party in the case, select the jurisdiction, and click GO.

    For example, to retrieve briefs from a U.S. Supreme Court case involving Intel Corporation and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., type intel in one text box and "advanced micro" in the other (the order doesn't matter). Then select U.S. Supreme Court and click GO.

  3. When typing a party name, observe the following:

  4. If you are not already registered or signed on, you will be prompted to do so.

A list of briefs matching the party name(s) you entered is displayed. You are not charged until you click a link to display a brief.

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