Citation Examples for State Statutes

You can retrieve a state statute or check a statute citation in KeyCite by entering a citation. The following list shows examples of state statute citations:

State Example
Alabama al st s 41-23-1
Alaska ak st s 08.68.410
Arizona az st s 13-705
Arkansas ar st s 16-4-101
California ca hlth & s s 11383
Colorado co st s 42-2-124
Connecticut ct st s 53-278a
Delaware de st ti 21 s 2105
District of Columbia dc st s 50-1403.02
Florida fl st s 767.04
Georgia ga st s 31-32-3
Hawaii hi st s 831-3.2
Idaho id st s 63-4202
Illinois il st ch 230 s 25/2
Indiana in st s 6-1.1-10-40
Iowa ia st s 614.15
Kansas ks st s 21-3215
Kentucky ky st s 27a.210
Louisiana la rs s 15:824.1
Maine me st t 34-a s 3003
Maryland md trans s 16-115
Massachusetts ma st 183a s 5
Michigan mi st s 752.51a
Minnesota mn st s 363.02
Mississippi ms st s 63-3-1201
Missouri mo st s 67.671
Montana mt st s 2-9-313
State Example
Nebraska ne st s 60-6,194
Nevada nv st s 193.167
New Hampshire nh st s 141-g:1
New Jersey nj st s 30:4-3.5
New Mexico nm st s 7-36-8
New York ny veh & traf s 235
North Carolina nc st s 88a-1
North Dakota nd st s 47-02-27.1
Ohio oh st s 2903.13
Oklahoma ok st ti 11 s 27-117.1
Oregon or st s 166.421
Pennsylvania 40 ps s 382
Puerto Rico pr st ti 16 s 1330
Rhode Island ri st s 33-21.1-1
South Carolina sc st s 23-35-10
South Dakota sd st s 10-6-50
Tennessee tn st s 55-10-315
Texas tx penal s 6.01
Utah ut st s 78-45c-102
Vermont vt st ti 33 s 5502
Virginia va st s 16.1-268
Virgin Islands vi st ti 14 s 1700
Washington wa st s 64.28.010
West Virginia wv st s 61-2-9a
Wisconsin wi st s 48.235
Wyoming wy st s 1-22-201

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